Our Physical Therapists

Skye Grayson, PT, DPT

Skye graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Health and Exercise Science in 1998. He later went on to earn his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California in 2002.

As an owner of NCEPT, Skye is passionate about physical therapy, and he has been practicing in Escondido since 2002. He was originally introduced to the profession when he suffered his own sports related injury in college. Since, Skye has worked with a variety of patients, finding a particular interest in treating those with shoulder injuries and orthopedic conditions. Skye believes that the trust developed between the therapist and the patient plays an intricate role in reaching the road to recovery. He prides himself on achieving the patient’s goals, and if unable to reach these desired goals, he believes in referring out so that the patient receives the necessary help that they may need to succeed. Skye has developed his practice on getting his patients back to the things they are passionate about, and he is committed to using every resource he has to reach his patient’s goals. He recognizes that each patient is real and unique, and he prides his practice on providing these individuals with the best possible solutions.

When Skye is not treating patients, he enjoys staying active. He enjoys playing golf and mountain biking, but spends most of his time coaching and assisting with his children’s sports teams. He loves boating in San Diego Harbor with his loved-ones.

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Kyra Robb, PT, DPT

Kyra graduated from the California State University of Chico in 2012 and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She decided to explore her passion for physical therapy at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and went on to earn her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2016.

Kyra’s interest in physical therapy began when she herself was a patient here at NCEPT; she also interned as a physical therapist aide throughout her undergrad studies. Kyra works with all types of patients with varying injuries, but finds particular interest in treating those with lower back pain and lower limb injuries. She believes that honesty and trust both play a critical role in creating the best therapist-patient relationship; as such, she desires to build strong relationships with each patient. As a therapist, Kyra’s goal is for every patient to feel that she listens, hears, and addresses each concern. She seeks to give her patients the tools needed to help manage their pain and get back to what they love doing. Kyra enjoys helping her patients realize that they are “stronger, faster, and more capable than they initially realized”.

In her life, she has played many athletic roles, including being a competitive gymnast, springboard and platform diver, volleyball and soccer player, olympic weightlifting, as well as coach for many of those sports. She is utterly addicted to coffee and she enjoys reading, hiking, and spending downtime with family.

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Lisa McLeod, MPT

Lisa received her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences from the University of Scranton in 1995. She went on to continue her education at the university and graduated with her Masters in Physical Therapy in 1996.

Lisa is passionate about physical therapy, and she has worked in the orthopedic field since 1997. She is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association. While Lisa particularly likes treating vestibular, cervical, and lumbar patients, she really enjoys working with a wide variety of patients, claiming, “Variety is the spice of life, after all!” As a therapist, her goal is to brighten every smile, and to help each patient return to a pain-free, active lifestyle with their families.

Outside of physical therapy, Lisa keeps busy caring for her 6 children and husband. In her spare time, she gardens, reads, plays the piano, and has just recently picked-up the violin.

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Guillermo Casanada, PT, DPT

Guillermo graduated from Cal State University, San Marcos earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology in 2012. He continued on with his education and graduated from University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences with a doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016. He is also currently certified in BLS.

Guillermo was first introduced to physical therapy when he had to undergo ACL reconstruction surgery and rehab. As a result, he especially enjoys working with knee patients because he can relate to what they are going through having gone through it himself. As a therapist, Guillermo loves working with new people every day. He believes that the most important part of a therapist-patient relationship is teamwork. Both the therapist and the patient have to work together to achieve the same goal of getting the patient back to where that patient wants to be. Guillermo desires to help patients make the necessary changes that will benefit their wellbeing.

In his spare time, he likes spending it with his Faith, Family and Friends. Guillermo enjoys pick-up basketball, slow pitch softball, and hiking. He also likes to play video games and watch sports on TV.

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