Why NCEPT Aquatic Therapy?

We are the only physical therapy facility in north county that offers on-site indoor aquatic therapy in a warm (88°F) rehabilitation pool. This allows us to offer year round aquatic therapy as a treatment option, as well as provide the variety of land based treatment options as patient needs arise. In addition, a licensed physical therapist (not a physical therapy aide or physical therapy assistant) is always present at or in the pool when patients are being treated. Having a physical therapist at the pool allows us to assess each patient at every visit and tailor their program to their individual needs.

What is Aquatic Physical Therapy?

It is the practice of PT in the aquatic environment using the unique properties of water, which include:

  • Buoyancy helps to decrease weight bearing so there is less compression on joints and soft tissues. It helps support weak muscles and allows you to improve strength, posture and balance without fear of falling.
  • Resistance helps to improve strength, endurance, muscle balance and the cardiovascular system. Resistance from the water slows movements down, so it can enhance muscular recruitment and allows for a longer reaction time. If there is pain with movement, resistance stops the second you stop moving in the water.
  • Hydrostatic pressure allows for equal pressure on all parts of the body, helping to decrease pain and swelling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Aquatic Therapy?

People who have generalized weakness, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, balance and gait problems. People who are recovering from surgery…

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What do I need to begin Aquatic Therapy

You will need a prescription from your doctor for Physical Therapy (click on this link to download a copy of our prescription for your doctor). Talk to your doctor about specifying Aquatic Therapy. If it is not specified on the prescription, we will contact your doctor’s office for you.

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What is the water temperature?

Our water is kept at 88 degrees. It feels warm on entering the water but not too warm to exercise in.

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Who will I see in the pool?

A licensed Physical Therapist with a specialty certification in aquatics is always present at, or in, the pool when patients are being treated, allowing each patient to be assessed at every visit and their program tailored to their individual needs.

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What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a towel with you. If you forget your towel, we will provide one for you for that day. Water shoes are not necessary but you may wear them if you are used to wearing them. You should wear flip flops or some type of slip-on shoe before and after being in the water.

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How can I get in the water if I have difficulty going up and down stairs?

We have a hydraulic chair lift that can enable us to safely get you in and out of the water.

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What if I just had surgery?

You will be allowed in the pool once your incision is healed, in approximately 2-3 weeks. The sooner you can be in the pool, the better. You will be evaluated on land on your first visit.

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Open wound or cut. Bowel incontinence or diarrhea. You must be free of diarrhea for 48 hours before being allowed in the pool.

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What if I can’t swim?

It is not necessary to know how to swim. Our pool is 4-41/2 feet deep and the therapist will be in the water with you. You will not need to put your face or head in the water.

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Do you have changing facilities?

Yes. Changing facilities are in the men’s’ and ladies’ restrooms. There is also a private changing area on the pool deck. Lockers (without locks) are available in the restroom or you may leave your valuables on shelves in the pool area. There is a shower for rinsing before and after using the pool, but this is not a private shower.

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What should I wear?

Women should wear a one-piece bathing suit or a tankini style bathing suit. If you only have a bikini, please wear a t-shirt over your bikini. Men should wear a shorts-style bathing suit.

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Can I wear glasses or contacts in the water?

It is up to your discretion. There is a chance of getting splashed.

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Can I wear hearing aids in the water?

It is not recommended, but this will be at your discretion.

Pool Dimensions & Facts

  • Depth: 4 to 4-1/2 feet
  • Temperature: 88°F (Indoor Pool Only)
  • Entry: Stair with railing or Lift.
  • Dimensions: 15′ wide x 29′ long
  • Location: 457 North Elm Street, Escondido, CA 92025 (At NCEPT)
  • Other Amenities: Parallel bars in pool. Pool side shower. Changing facilities with storage.

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Aquatic Forms