Our Mission

“Excellent staff and facility! I felt totally cared for and felt that my particular needs were thoroughly addressed. I appreciate all the time and attention my therapist and the staff took to make sure I understand how to prevent the recurrence of my back pain. Rock stars!”

-Phil H.

“NCEPT is a great place. After my surgery, I had some difficulty bending my knees or sleeping at night. Before physical therapy, I had to sleep on my back almost all night long – I couldn’t even sleep on my side! If I did, I used to feel pain on my operated knee. After coming to this facility, I can now sleep on both sides, and turning my legs from left to right in my sleep is finally very easy. The staff in this facility is excellent. They are very kind and friendly. I would love to come back here in the future.”

- Batul M.

“This facility, especially the therapists, is so professional—from the office staff, to the aides and therapists. My therapist guided me throughout my 6-week treatment, and has proved to be very knowledgeable, thorough, kind, and understanding. I have made tremendous progress thanks to everyone!”

- Neridah B.

“In my late twenties after giving birth, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I dealt with my diagnosis under my doctor’s direction for many years. In the following years, I developed arthritis in my back. Physical therapy has helped me not only increase core strength, but has also helped my balance. I just need to keep up my end and exercise on a consistent basis. My therapist, Greg, has been such a positive force. Thank you all!”

- Jane W.

“My physical therapist, Skye Grayson, has helped me formulate an exercise and strengthening program for my core, which has helped to relive stress on my lower back and hamstrings. In one month’s time, I’m a lot stronger, especially in my legs and upper/lower back areas. With my continued diligence, I am confident that I will be able to sustain the pace of improvement and maintain my active lifestyle, including tennis! I appreciate and am so grateful for Skye’s help with all the personnel at NCEPT.”

- Lynne M.

“The facility is well organized and has all the appropriate equipment. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous with everyone. The scheduling is accommodating and flexible. I consider myself lucky to have worked with Ron and the rest of the staff. He has a skillful and magical touch. His demeanor is very comforting and his knowledge helped me make more progress than I ever expected. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone. If I need more therapy, NCEPT would be my first choice.”

- Elena E.

“I was very pleased with the result of my physical therapy - the function of my leg was restored to almost normal. I especially like the encouragement given by Skye (PT) to continue with my exercise program at home. I was impressed with the knowledge, skill, and caring attitude of my therapist and others that I observed and worked with: Kristina and Rachel. I appreciate the time they took to explain, educate, and answer questions. I like that there was emphasis on the whole body, and not just one part. The assistants were always helpful, caring, and attentive. I liked the interaction between the therapist and the assistants—it works like a ‘well-oiled machine.’ Everyone is pleasant, cooperative, and efficient. This applies to the front office staff as well.”

- Geraldine E.

“Since the very first time I came to NCEPT, I have been extremely pleased with every aspect of my visits. From scheduling of appointments, to the therapy, to leaving each appointment. Everyone is not only professional, but kind, caring, and interested in me as both a patient and a person.”

- Mary H.

“My rehab program here was done in a supportive and friendly atmosphere from all of the employees. I am especially appreciative of the rationale that was given to me for each exercise, and the perspective stated for a person of my age. Skye’s sense of humor and depth of knowledge made coming here a positive and productive expenditure of my time. Skye has given me encouragement, which has enabled me to have a sense of control over the aging process, as opposed to passive acceptance of coming of age-related maladies.”

- George M.

“Immediately from day one, I felt welcomed by Skye and the staff. I was surprised at how courteous the staff was, and how well my concerns and treatment were handled. I was also surprised at how great it was that employees knew my name on the second visit. Everyone was encouraging, which made wanting to come to PT all the easier. To the entire staff for such a great experience, thank you!”

- Geoffrey C.

NCEPT Physical Therapy, Inc. will strive to provide innovative and easily accessible outpatient musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Our services will include the most efficient and efficacious individually prescribed treatment programs provided by physical therapy specialists who possess skills acquired through extensive education and applied use of leading-edge rehabilitation equipment and techniques, in their respective fields of expertise.

We pledge to extend the benefits of our quest for clinical excellence to both our profession and to the welfare of the community we serve.